Veteran journalist to contest THA election

Journalist Anthony Hector -
Journalist Anthony Hector -

Veteran journalist Anthony Hector is seeking to contest the Black Rock/Whim/Spring Garden electoral district as an independent candidate in the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) election, constitutionally due in 2021.

The area is served currently by former chief secretary Kelvin Charles.

Hector, 57, is the executive chairman, president, CEO and Head of News at TICN (Tobago’s Information and Communications Network) Multimedia International.

He told Newsday Tobago he has enjoyed 29 years in media and community service and feels politics would provide an opportunity to serve Tobagonians at a much higher level.

“I have one year to go before the 30 years and the question is, ‘What else should I do to continue serving Tobago?’”

Hector said several people over the years had also been encouraging him to enter politics.

“But I had to talk to God about that first and he directed me to go as an independent,” he said.

Hector said he started the process several weeks ago.

“I have been touching base with people, preparing documents and getting a team ready. The work has been building into intensity.”

Hector said he has held a number of “public conversations,” but not on a large scale.

“We would park at strategic points and shoot the message to the community.”

Hector said his campaign began in Union, where he was raised.

The village is a part of the electoral district he is seeking to contest. Black Rock comprises about 12 communities.

“I grew up in Union and every Wednesday, this month, we will touch base with some of the larger communities within the zone.

Hector said the main theme of his campaign is Bringing Back The Love To Tobago.

He said: “A lot of people will find that theme odd for a political campaign but what we have discovered is that we have been disconnected in Tobago for too long.

“Our basic foundation in Tobago has been moral, ethical, spiritual values, manners and respect. When those go, everything goes.”

Hector said his sub-theme, Tobago Belongs To All Of Us, is significant in charting the way forward.

He added there is a perception that if a Tobagonian does not belong to a political party in Tobago, he or she is not entitled to anything.

“We believe everybody is entitled and must get a share. Everybody must see themselves as a stakeholder in the real estate and in the Tobago House of Assembly.

The Calder Hall resident believes the major political parties existing in Tobago are imploding.

“The PNM is imploding and they will implode further, based on the information we are getting, by the time they get to selecting candidates (for the THA election).

“Then the other alternative, the PDP, they are imploding as well.”

Hector said Tobagonians are crying out for fresh leadership.

“That, in essence, is the idea, to go and serve.”

Should he win the seat in the upcoming election, Hector said he will be pushing for greater accountability and transparency in the assembly.

“The assembly has brought us to a point where we are unrecognisable as an institution. That is not what it was set out to achieve.”

Hector said his career in media would prepare him for the role of assemblyman.

“Because of my background in media where I know questions have to be asked, if it is not answered I will do the investigations and present the findings.

“That same technique will have to be used in the assembly to bring accountability and transparency because people are crying out.”


"Veteran journalist to contest THA election"

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