TRHA: Clinics unaffected by airbridge restriction

TRHA Medical Chief of Staff, Dr Victor Wheeler
TRHA Medical Chief of Staff, Dr Victor Wheeler

THE restriction on travel between Trinidad and Tobago has not affected medical care in Tobago. Specialists have been coming to Tobago to hold clinics at the Scarborough General Hospital, according to Medical Chief of Staff, Tobago Regional Health Authority (TRHA) Dr Victor Wheeler.

Wheeler was updating the public on the state of health care amid the pandemic during the post-Executive Council media briefing on Thursday in Scarborough.

Wheeler said, “We have had travel restrictions coming from Trinidad and Tobago that had an impact on the visiting specialists...they have had to have their flights adjusted. But unlike the last time, when they couldn’t come at all, they are still coming. So our clinics being performed by the visiting doctors have been continued.”

He acknowledged major elective surgeries have been affected because of the covid19 restrictions.

“We’ve had to reduce the number of major elective surgeries that we perform. We still continue to perform minor surgeries, emergency surgeries and cancer-related surgeries, but those non-emergency major surgeries, we’ve had to limit because of the rising number of cases or patients presenting with covid.”

Wheeler also noted a change in the visiting policy for the Scarborough General Hospital.

“Only one visitor per patient. In lieu of the mandatory face mask-wearing which is now law, we are certainly imploring all those persons who visit the hospital to ensure that you wear your cloth face masks. We’re also encouraging all those patients who are coming to clinic to also wear your face masks.

“The general hygiene, regular washing of your hands, social distancing, trying to limit the amount of times you touch your face with your hands: all of this is being done to try to help you, the general public, to reduce the spread of this dangerous infection and it will also help us, the health care workers,” he said.


"TRHA: Clinics unaffected by airbridge restriction"

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