CFU president: We don’t wantTTFA to be suspended

CFU president Randy Harris -
CFU president Randy Harris -

RANDY Harris, president of the Caribbean Football Union (CFU), says the regional governing body does not want the TT Football Association (TTFA) to be suspended by FIFA if it does not end its High Court matter against FIFA by September 16.

Harris was speaking in an interview on I95.5 FM on Tuesday.

On Monday, Osmond Downer, former FIFA referee and one of the framers of the TTFA constitution, expressed his doubts that FIFA can expel or suspend the TTFA at its annual ordinary congress on September 18.

Downer, in a media release on Monday, wrote, “I have been informed (by Caribbean colleagues who will be attending the congress) that the mandatory agenda and accompanying documents sent to them have all made no mention whatsoever of any motion to suspend or expel the TTFA.

“The motion to suspend or expel a member can be put before the annual congress only by the council of FIFA – by no other body or person,” Downer added. “I have made inquiries about the deliberations of the last FIFA council meeting of about three weeks ago, and I have been reliably informed that the only matter that came up concerning the TTFA was the ratification of the Bureau’s decision to install the normalisation committee.

“No decision was taken to recommend the expulsion or suspension of the TTFA to the congress.”

According to Harris, “It is my belief that FIFA has offered the TTFA the opportunity to withdraw the matter of the court decision on (September 16), which gives them two days before the congress is held.

“I believe that FIFA is of the opinion that the United TTFA would withdraw the matter,” Harris continued. “In the Caribbean, (TT) is one of our brighter lights and we certainly would not like to have anything happen to TT’s football.”

Concerning Downer’s view that FIFA would not have enough time, Harris said, “I know FIFA usually brings matters to the congress that they deem as an emergency. The executive committee of FIFA have the authority to bring matters to the congress.

“I would like the matter to be dealt with on the 18th of September and not to drag on, because the longer it goes, the longer any sanctions can be upheld. We have the (World Cup) qualifications coming up, the Gold Cup coming up and we don’t want that TT (to be) sanctioned during any of these tournaments. We want them to be included in our schedules and our competitions.”

Harris also responded to Downer’s claim that he spoke to persons in the Caribbean who seem unaware that TT can be sanctioned in the congress meeting.

“We, in the Caribbean, are hoping that the United TTFA would really do what it is in the best interest of football in the Caribbean. We are not waiting on any sanction or any suspension. We are hoping that the matter is dealt with before the deadline of September 16.”


"CFU president: We don’t wantTTFA to be suspended"

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