Venezuelans help in search for missing teens with covid19

Dr Roshan Parasram
Dr Roshan Parasram

CMO Dr Roshan Parasram has said three Venezuelan teenagers who escaped from quarantine on Tuesday have covid19, but are asymptomatic.

He was speaking at Wednesday’s Health Ministry online media briefing.

A nurse reported to St Joseph police that the girls were missing at breakfast on Tuesday and could not be found

On Wednesday, the police issued a statement asking for help in finding the teenagers, who were being held at Canada Hall, UWI, St Augustine.

said the girls, 14, 15 and 17, had been waiting to be discharged, and police were looking for them because they might still be infectious, although the probability of this was low.

After hearing the news, networks of Venezuelans in TT asked the families and friends of the teenagers to help find them.

Sources reported that they arrived in TT without their parents. It is not known whether they were caught at sea trying to enter the country or during police raids on several houses.


"Venezuelans help in search for missing teens with covid19"

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