Champeon returns for Jam Remix

US-based artiste Ronnel
US-based artiste Ronnel "Champeon" Ramirez has released a new single Jam Remix. -

Trinidad-born US-based artiste Ronnel "Champeon" Ramirez has made a musical resurgence with a fresh sound in a new single, Jam Remix.

Champeon, who lives in South Carolina, previously released several soca and reggae songs and has spent the last five years (including during the pandemic lockdown period) being creative, honing his craft, discovering his genuine musical voice and refining his new globally-inspired sound.

Jam Remix is a comfortable departure for Champeon who seamlessly delivers the song’s rapso-styled lyrics over a mashup of hip-hop flavour and reggae and rock-influenced instrumentation. The new track features a mixture of light keyboard and electric guitars laid on top of an infectious drum pattern.

The song was written by Champeon, produced, recorded and mixed by Lucious "Jelani" Harris of Studio 23 Music Group (US), with bass and lead guitar by Tito Monako (Nairobi, Kenya) and keys by Chify Jay (Nigeria) who all contributed to the track’s unique personality.

Champeon work with producers from the US, Kenya and Nigeria on his new single Jam Remix -

Along with this latest release, Champeon provides imagery for his new vibe with a complementary music video which was directed, filmed and edited by Victor "Bigg Vic" Newton of 2026 Multimedia Studio.

Since its release Jam Remix has received positive feedback from the general public, generated buzz in DJ record pools, gotten the attention of various international restaurant and bar establishments as well as some mainstream urban music media outlets.

Champeon aspires to remain grounded, well rounded and knowledgeable in several aspects of the music industry, to forge creative collaborations and to consistently deliver quality music to his fans while staying true to himself and his sound.

Listen to the new track Jam Remix at and view its official music video via youtube.

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"Champeon returns for Jam Remix"

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