Measures worse than covid19

THE EDITOR: I note with alarm the draconian measures reintroduced by the Government, ostensibly to combat the so-called "second wave" of covid19. This, based on a rise in the number of positive tests.

Note that I make a distinction between "number of positive tests" and "number of cases.” Why? Because we, and the rest of the world, are using a flawed test for covid19. The inventor of the PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test, Dr Kary Mullis, won the Nobel Prize for chemistry in 1993. He emphatically stated that it should never be used to test for a virus. And that's the test we're using.

In addition, the virus has never been isolated so no one can say this is what we're looking for. What they do is test some "genetic material" taken from a person. If the test fails, the material is magnified and tested again. If this is repeated enough times you will eventually get a "positive test" but it does not necessarily mean the person has the virus.

That is how Tanzanian President Magufuli made headlines when goat, sheep and paw-paw samples tested positive for covid19. All that has been forgotten under the onslaught of those pushing a different agenda, to frighten us into compliance.

Can you imagine the damage done to someone's psyche to be told they have covid19 when they don't? Same as saying you have cancer when you don't. That's the danger of "false positives" and some estimates put the rate as high as 50 per cent for the PCR test. So 50 per cent of those who "recover" do so because they didn't have covid19 to begin with. Increased testing will result in more "positive cases" if only because of false positives.

Which brings me to some of the new measures. Did anyone catch covid19 from travelling in a maxi/taxi? If not, what's the rationale for forcing maxis/taxis back to 50 per cent capacity? Same questions for those dining in-house or going to the beach. If there's not a shred of evidence that anyone contracted covid19 by engaging in these activities, there is nothing to be gained by banning them. Why punish people unnecessarily? Just because you have the power to do so?

But perhaps the most illogical measure is insisting that people wear masks. Why? Just because some "authority" thinks it's a good idea? While wearing a mask is important in some situations (like an operating theatre, a dusty environment or a coal mine), there is no evidence that the general wearing of masks is beneficial. In fact, a little common sense will tell you that the opposite is true.

When you exhale, the body is trying to get rid of toxins, including carbon dioxide. What do you think happens if you are forced to breathe in these toxins over a long time (more than a few minutes) by wearing a mask? Your health will deteriorate and your immune system will weaken, compromising your ability to fight off infections. You become more vulnerable to disease.

So the routine wearing of masks is a bad idea. (Of course, if you choose to wear one, that's your business. But don't insist that I wear one if I choose not to.)

Even the world's "authorities" keep flip-flopping on the issue. One minute they say there's no benefit to wearing masks, next minute they protect. They simply go with what suits the current agenda.

The best approach is to let people go about their lives normally, with some degree of caution, and treat those who contract the virus the same as we do for any other medical condition.

I believe the latest measures will be counter-productive, with little or no commensurate benefit. On the other hand, they will inflict more damage to more people's lives than could ever be inflicted by covid19.


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"Measures worse than covid19"

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