Padarath to PM: Put up or shut up!

RETURNING Princes Town MP Barry Padarath has said if the Prime Minister has legal advice that Padarath's election nomination was invalid, then he should pursue the matter in court.

On Tuesday at a media conference at Balisier House Dr Rowley said the party had received legal advice that Padarath was improperly nominated, but would not pursue legal action owing to the potentially high cost.

Rowley had said he sought legal advice during and after the election campaign and received the opinions of two senior counsel, one of whom "is the most eminent in the Caribbean," and another a champion in these matters in a number of Caribbean territories and Guyana, as well as local counsel.

"The advice that we have got in writing from these legal luminaries has all confirmed that the nomination as prepared for the...UNC candidate in Princes Town does not meet the requirements of the law and is wholly invalid."

Rowley said the legal opinions will be sent to the Election and Boundaries Commission so it can pass them to its own lawyers, and he will also advise the President of the situation.

Asked about the announcement, Padarath responded in a message: "Bring it on!

"If his lawyers said he has a good case and he is so disturbed, then take it to court or shut up. As they say – put up or shut up!"

Padarath previously told the media there was no way the PNM could prove his nomination was invalid and also opined that the PNM's efforts to challenge his eligibility to contest the general election was because the party feared him.

Preliminary EBC results show Padarath received 11,208 votes and PNM candidate Sharon Baboolal received 4,708.


"Padarath to PM: Put up or shut up!"

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