EBC recounts show minor changes

The Elections and Boundaries Commission's head office on Frederick Street, Port of Spain. - File photo by Ayanna Kinsale
The Elections and Boundaries Commission's head office on Frederick Street, Port of Spain. - File photo by Ayanna Kinsale

THE ELECTIONS and Boundaries Commission (EBC) has reported the official results of the recounts in six constituencies and the results show very minor changes from the previous preliminary results.

Recounts had been requested in six seats after August 10's general election: in La Horquetta/Talparo, San Fernando West, St Joseph, Toco/Sangre Grande and Tunapuna by United National Congress (UNC) candidates; and in Tobago East by Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP) candidate Watson Duke.

Duke, however, conceded defeat shortly after the recount started.

On Monday the last outstanding seat was St Joseph but that was subsequently completed.

EBC corporate communications manager Bobbi Rogers previously told Newsday the returning officer in Tunapuna had criticised the UNC delegation for obstructing the recount, and she also reported the recount was "hindered" in St Joseph.

The largest change compared to the preliminary results was in San Fernando West, where the UNC gained 103 votes in the recount, while in the other constituencies the differences were ten votes or fewer.

The official results of the recounts are:

La Horquetta/Talparo

Electors: 27,528

Votes cast: 17,793 (up from 17,678)

Rejected: 40 (up from 30)

PNM: 9,714 (up from 9,713)

UNC: 7,793 (up from 7,790)

Progressive Empowerment Party: 145 (no change)

San Fernando West

Electors: 25,035

Votes cast: 15,605 (up from 15,515)

Rejected: 31 (down from 45)

PNM: 8,457 (unchanged)

UNC: 6,754 (up from 6,651)

Progressive Party: 212 (up from 211)

PEP: 128 (unchanged)

The National Party: 23 (unchanged)

St Joseph

Electors: 28,452

Votes cast: 18,193 (unchanged)

Rejected: 42 (down from 49)

PNM: 9,362 (up from 9,354)

UNC: 8,539 (down from 8,543)

Independent: 220 (up from 217)

Trinidad Humanity Campaign: 30 (unchanged)

Tobago East

Electors: 23,102

Votes cast: 13,074 (down from 13,112)

Rejected: 39 (unchanged)

PNM: 7,128 (up from 7,127)

PDP: 5,866 (unchanged)

One Tobago Voice: 80 (unchanged)

Toco/Sangre Grande

List of electors: 31,096

Votes cast: 18,163 (down from 18,237)

Rejected: 63 (up from 60)

PNM: 10,694 (down from 10,698)

UNC: 7,303 (down from 7,313)

PEP: 166 (unchanged)


List of electors: 27,433

Votes cast: 17,316 (down from 17,317)

Rejected: 37 (down from 38)

PNM: 9,460 (unchanged)

UNC: 7,533 (up from 7,534)

PEP: 228 (unchanged)

THC: 58 (up from 57)


"EBC recounts show minor changes"

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