‘Someone took my little girl’

Princess Phillips
Princess Phillips

THE Anti-Kidnapping Unit has intervened in the disappearance of a form five student of the Marabella South Secondary School. Princess Phillips, 18, had vanished days after she reported to her parents she was followed by a group of men in a car on her way home from classes.

Police are trying to determine if Phillips’ disappearance is linked to her being stalked by a group of men. The student was last seen on the evening of August 7.

Phillips, of Dolly Street, Marabella reported to her parents Annagatha Barclay and Anderson Phillips that when she left school last week, a car with three occupants began following her.

The student, on realising what was happening took a short cut and was able to make it home safely.

Her worried parents, speaking to Newsday at their Marabella home on Friday, said they did not report the matter to the police as Phillips did not recall the number plate of the car or type.

“She was so scared she did not even get the car number plate. She said all she could have done was walk quickly to a short cut which she knew. I could not believe what I was hearing when Princess told me this.

Worried parents Anderson Phillips and Annagatha Barclay at their
Marabella home, Friday. - CHEQUANA WHEELER

“What does a group of men want with a school child? It can’t be anything good.”

Barclay said after this incident she was afraid to send her daughter out of the house.

But she changed her mind on August 7 and allowed Phillips to go visit a classmate.

“I knew she had been staying up long hours studying for all these weeks and I know she wanted a break. So I agreed to let her visit her classmate in Marabella.

“The last thing I told her was to be careful and take the number plate of any car she goes in. That was the last time I saw, my baby. She was supposed to come home later that day.”

The emotional mother said, after a few hours passed, she became worried.

“Princess is not the kind of girl that would come home late hours. I did not grow her up like this. So I knew right away something was wrong and as a mother, I knew that something was not right. Someone or some people took my little girl.”

The mother said she also contacted her daughter’s friend in Marabella who confirmed Phillips left her home later that evening.

Phillips is the youngest of four siblings.

Calls to her phone went to voice mail and the phone’s GPS has been disconnected.

Barclay said, “You hear so many reports on the news about children being kidnapped and never heard of. Not for once, I would have thought this would be my daughter.

“Part of me has been ripped from my body. I have not been able to sleep for the last eight nights.” the mother cried.

She pleaded with anyone who may have seen her daughter that day to come forward with whatever information they might have to the Anti-Kidnapping unit or Marabella police.

Phillips wrote her final CSEC exam four days before she disappeared.


"‘Someone took my little girl’"

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