'Boy George' gunned down in Maloney

File photo
File photo

A Maloney man was shot dead while sitting in his gallery on Friday night.

Police said around 10 pm, residents of Building 16, Maloney Gardens heard rapid gunfire and later found Brian Browne, alias "Boy George", slumped in his chair.
Police believe the killers are from the Maloney area. The gunmen climbed a neighbouring building and opened fire from the rooftop.
Browne was declared dead at the Arima Hospital at about 10.30 pm.

Browne was one of the men who in 2002 and 2006 met with then prime minister Patrick Manning to bring peace in the East Port of Spain communities.

Many of the "community leaders" that took part in the meetings have since been killed. They include G-Unit’s Kerwin “Fresh” Phillip, Mervyn “Cudjoe” Allamby, Sean Sandy, Verne Pierre, Herbert “Screw Up” John and Sean "Bill" Francis.

Browne's murder has been labelled by police as gang-related.


"‘Boy George’ gunned down in Maloney"

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