Volney tells Kamla: 'Karma is coming'

Former People's Partnership justice minister Herbert Volney. FILE PHOTO
Former People's Partnership justice minister Herbert Volney. FILE PHOTO

FORMER PP minister and MP Herbert Volney on Friday warned UNC leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar that karma will soon catch up with her.

Volney also predicted the recounts of votes in San Fernando West, St Joseph, Tunapuna and La Horquetta/Talparo will all go in favour of the PNM.

In a post on his Facebook page, Volney expressed his disgust at statements by UNC St Joseph candidate Alhoy Hunt about the recount of votes in that seat.The former St Joseph MP said Hunt and his associates do not understand that a " recount is not an election petition but a ministerial or administrative event conducted by the EBC (Elections and Boundaries Commission) to confirm the count returned on election night when the polls were closed."

Volney said Hunt and his handlers "are no more than observers to the recount with no right of participation in the event."

The returning officer "has no authority to entertain his conduct to disrupt the task at hand."

He opined that were he the returning officer, he "would have put him (Hunt) out."

Saying a recount is not a quasi-judicial event, Volney said Hunt displayed "a crass lack of class in decorum" in contesting the seat he once represented in Parliament.

Volney was also disgusted by the conduct of UNC Tunapuna candidate David Nakhid with respect to the recount in Tunapuna.

"There was always no chance of a reversal on the recount in any of those requested. The margin is too great."

But he added in all of this, Persad-Bissessar is "the elephant in the room" who seems oblivious to everyone. Unlike Hunt and Nakhid, Volney said, Persad-Bissessar is senior counsel, an attorney by training and "very experienced in Westminster-type government and first past the post electoral politics."

Volney argued that Persad-Bissessar's real motives in calling for the recounts were "pure mischief and a parting shot to the electors in the five constituencies that she is displeased with their vote for the PNM."

He described her as acting "much like the upset child taking away the cricket bat and running with it, holding up the game until it is retrieved because she was caught out on the boundary."

She will be remembered for her "small-mindedness and vindictive mindset," he warned, after botching her last chance to be prime minister again.

"Shame on you Kamla Persad-Bissessar. You have held the country to ransom knowing full well that your recount cause is hopeless and an exercise in futility.

Volney told Persad-Bissessar she cannout avoid the inevitable.

"Your moment with karma is now minutes away as one by one the recounts will send your minions to join me and others in the political cemetery to which you sent us."

He also told Persad-Bissessar that much as she tries to run and hide from karma, "she will catch up with you."


"Volney tells Kamla: ‘Karma is coming’"

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