Choose your words carefully, leaders

THE EDITOR: I am urging our country’s leaders to exercise caution in their choice of words. It is becoming too common for people to speak too soon after they have a thought.

Please people, when you develop an opinion, please let it simmer for a while, watch yourself in a mirror, say the words aloud, and hear them. Then ask yourself: will I make the situation better or worse? Will the country be better or worse? If you are indeed a leader or want to be a leader, please exercise caution with your words.

The election season brought out both the best and the worst in us as a country, and as citizens. Please consider carefully: do you want to be heard and seen as angry or aggrieved or a person that truly believes that democracy is the best way?

Surely a recount of votes is allowed. Political parties have asked for recounts over the years. They are allowed. Accusations flying back and forth are not helpful to anyone. Please relax.

If you won fair and square, surely the recount would confirm that. And just think, if you behave like you believe in democracy you would then be seen as a real leader.

Think about it before you rant and rave. Take a deep breath and ask yourself how do you want to be seen and perceived.

We have to decide what kind of country we want.


St Joseph


"Choose your words carefully, leaders"

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