Israel Khan to join UNC, supports Kamla as leader

Israel Khan
Israel Khan

VETERAN attorney Israel Khan, SC, intends to apply to join the UNC.

On Thursday Khan joined the chorus of supporters of UNC leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar and her leadership of the party.

In a release, Khan said it was his opinion that she should continue to lead the UNC into the 2025 general election.

He said, “The UNC, under your leadership, fought a good fight and although we (all your supporters) would have wanted at least a 21-20 victory a 19-22 defeat is not too bad.

“It put the UNC in a very good position as Opposition in the Parliament,” he said, adding that the party’s campaign for the next general election starts now.

“In a twinkle of an eye five years would be upon us.

"I am not a card-carrying member of the UNC or any other political party but I am of the view that I can no longer sit on the fence and watch the unnecessary political polarisation of our politics along racial lines. Thus, I am of the view that the time is now most appropriate for me to apply for membership of the UNC.

“Stay strong, active and committed as usual for a better Trinidad and Tobago. God blessings be upon you – the country needs you.”


"Israel Khan to join UNC, supports Kamla as leader"

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