Strategies to reduce covid19 impact

THE EDITOR: “I am from government, I am here to help” are nine terrifying words, according to Ronald Reagan in 1986, signifying distrust and perceived hypocrisy. So is Government’s post-covid19 roadmap distrustful, hypocritical, or the solution?

This depends on the iterative process for the roadmap (development, execution, monitoring, evaluation, adjustment), as reducing distrust and hypocrisy requires robust communication, clarity, and transparency.

But why the secrecy and why not publicly/openly communicate desired goals, context and plan for getting us there? Now is not the time for politicking as we have an opportunity to do something meaningful.

I therefore reviewed the roadmap from a population health management perspective, looking at the committee’s strategies and interventions to improve our health status and well-being.

My feedback/recommended population health strategies and measures sent to the PM for inclusion in the roadmap to reduce the impact of covid19 on those with known/unknown underlying health conditions included:

1. Risk stratification – by conditions of concern (health, vulnerability).

2. Chronic disease management – to improve health status and mitigate impact/effect.

3. Health in all policies – to improve accountability of policymakers at all levels.

4. Process control – to achieve intended goals/serve its purpose.

5. National communication strategy – to build trust and buy-in for interventions.

6. Social protection – must include a focus on men.

7. Enabling environment – integrate services to alleviate socioeconomic challenges.

8. Building a digital nation – computerised health sector with linkages.

I encourage everyone to read the roadmap to understand/plan for what’s ahead.

Stay safe TT.


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"Strategies to reduce covid19 impact"

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