Stop public harassment of reporters

THE EDITOR: I am truly tired of the media being criticised in every form or fashion by governments/politicians, corporate bodies, ordinary citizens.

Do these people stop to think that reporters and photographers are among the hardest working in every country? And on top of that could at times be subjected to rude remarks?

In my rookie days as social reporter for the Express, a freshman public relations officer of a large corporation offered me a place to sit. My reply that I preferred not to sit brought the snide remark, “But I am sure you will not refuse something to eat.”

After 40 years I have not forgotten this individual who was meeting me for the very first time. Needless to say I did not eat even an olive.

Reporters/journalists come to cover your morning, noon, and night assignments, rain or shine, sometimes without taking the time for a meal. They are more interested in giving you the coverage you are seeking.

For that matter I have seen my colleagues who, in their haste to get your story into the next day’s paper, leave an evening assignment without a drink – just another thing people so wrongly think male reporters/photographers have to have.

In today’s very competitive world, just remember that you do need us, so please stop the public harassment, as well as the innuendoes.




"Stop public harassment of reporters"

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