Scotland: 'I'm prepared to work with all'

Attorney Keith Scotland -
Attorney Keith Scotland -

MP-elect for Port of Spain South Keith Scotland said he is willing to put aside political differences and work with people of all political persuasions for the benefit of his constituency.

Scotland successfully retained the Port of Spain South seat for the PNM against the UNC's Curtis Orr, Gail Gonsalves-Castanada of the PEP and Fuad Abu Bakr of the NNV on Monday.

Speaking with Newsday on Tuesday, Scotland said he was pleased with the outcome of the election and saw the results as a victory for the people of TT.

He also commended his political opponents for running clean campaigns and focusing on issues of concern for constituents.

"There were three people who ran against me in PoS South. I want to tell them that it was a high-ground campaign on all sides. There was no mud-slinging, there was a mutual respect on all sides.

"Once it is for the betterment of PoS South, subject of course to the general policies and principles of the PNM, I am willing to work with all. This is an open invitation for the ideas, because once the people of the constituency are served better, I have accomplished what I set out to do."

Asked what his expectations were for entering Parliament, Scotland said he would bring his work ethic and energy to the chamber and pledged to use his experience as an attorney to benefit the country in debates and discussions.

"I hope to make a meaningful contribution to every debate that I am involved in. I have my own style
and I hope to add that to any debate that will be in the Parliament.

"The Prime Minister has already signalled that there is a lot of work to be done, but we will manage it, as we always have. The resources we have are not tremendous but we will manage it."

Scotland intends to keep his promise of making youth development a priority as MP, beginning with building homework centres, saying the PNM has always been an advocate of education.

"Once I settle in I intend to have those homework centres up and running. That is not a campaign promise, that is my intention, and it's something I feel very strongly about."

Newsday also spoke to Port of Spain North St Ann's West MP-elect Stuart Young, who retained his seat.

Young also said he was prepared to work closely with the youth of his constituency to bring about meaningful change over the next five years.

"I am grateful for another resounding mandate for five years to be the MP for PoS North/St Ann’s West. The people have spoken. I intend to work with the young people during this term."


"Scotland: ‘I’m prepared to work with all’"

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