Recount begins in St Joseph, stalled at La Horquetta/Talparo

AT 3 pm on Tuesday a recount of ballots began for the marginal seat of St Joseph at the local community centre as requested by the UNC but a recount for La Horquetta/Talparo which was also set for 3 pm had not begun up until two hours later due to the absence of a UNC representative.

Recounts for both marginal seats had been requested by the UNC on behalf of their candidates Ahloy Hunt and Jearlean John.

At St Joseph Newsday met returning officer Theresa Aguila-Joseph, PNM agent Veronica Dalzin and attorney Ravi Nanga, plus independent candidate Errol Fabien.

Newsday witnessed doors close to signal the start of the recount. Aguila-Joseph said it was a detailed count of all individual voting ballots, not simply a tallying of the results of the constituency's 54 polling stations.

At La Horquetta community centre returning officer Daphne Moore at 3.57 pm told Newsday the recount had not begun. Attorney for the PNM, Faris Hove said that based on a call received from the UNC's attorney he hoped the recount could eventually begin by 5 pm. Eventually at 5.15 pm a young man turned up representing the UNC but did not say why he was late nor give his name.


"Recount begins in St Joseph, stalled at La Horquetta/Talparo"

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