Tobago party wants election declared null and void

AT least one political entity has already signalled its intention to challenge Monday’s polls through an election petition which will seek to nullify the results of all 41 constituencies.

In a telephone interview on Monday, Jermine Raymer, leader of the Tobago Trinidad Movement (TTM), a Tobago-based organisation, said two separate actions are expected to be filed.

She said the TTM intended to file a judicial review application and an election petition.

Raymer explained that the TTM, although registered with the Elections and Boundary Commission (EBC), was in the process of completing its registration under the Companies Act but was denied the opportunity to nominate any of its candidates in the 41 constituencies.

The organisation’s intended election petition will ask for the results from all 41 seats to be nullified.

In an earlier release, the TTM said the decision to take legal action was “as a result that participating in the general elections is wrong in law and is a manifestation of injustice against the citizens of TT.

“One can clearly see this manifestation being played out in the act of desperation of continuing with this election,” the release said.

It said the continuation of the election during the covid19 pandemic pointed to desperation.

“The fact that the rise in the covid19 means that people will be practising social distancing, that will certainly interfere with the right to vote.

“Ultimately the right to life is a very powerful motivator and it supersedes all of the other rights afforded under the laws of TT,” the release said.


"Tobago party wants election declared null and void"

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