Saddam Hosein: Covid19 did not affect voting

UNC Senator Saddam Hosein
UNC Senator Saddam Hosein

Barataria/San Juan candidate for the United National Congress Saddam Hosein believes the covid19 pandemic and its restrictions did not affect voting numbers.

Hosein, who voted at the Warrenville Presbyterian Primary School about 10 am, said he witnessed and was told there were long lines at several polling stations

He said this was a good indicator that people were ready for change, and praised the high voter turn-out.

“The regulations for the pandemic have not affected the voting. We see a large number of people coming out to vote. Since 5.30 am people were lined up at the polling stations in Barataria/San Juan.

“This shows that there is a high level of frustration with the current administration and that people are now ready for a change. August 10 has given us this opportunity to remove this wicked and uncaring government from office.”

Additionally, Hosein said there were several complaints, which included a long and slow voting process.

“Voting is taking some length of time and there are a lot of voters standing outside, which may lead to some frustration because people have to remain in the sun for a long period of time.

“Also, people were claiming that the hand sanitisers were blotting the ballot papers. The blotting would mean that the ballot paper has been considered as a rejected ballot.

“We have advised that people ask for a new ballot paper so their votes can be counted."

Hosein also commended the Elections and Boundaries Commission (EBC) for the covid19 protocols and safety measures at polling stations.


"Saddam Hosein: Covid19 did not affect voting"

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