'Insignificant' Rowley calls for continued prayers

Dr Keith Rowley
Dr Keith Rowley

THE Prime Minister has called upon the population to continue to pray for TT.

Dr Rowley made this call when he addressed the congregation at the Divine Destiny Worship Centre in Diego Martin on Sunday.

Rowley said, "Today, I have come to the end of a term that you have given me and I feel particularly light." He recalled there were many days and weeks of stress, over the last five years, when he did not know if things would work out.

But Rowley said he believes if these challenges are approached from a position of faith that they can be overcome, they would be. In the grand scheme of things, Rowley said, "I personally am insignificant and relatively unimportant."

But he added, "I had responsibility for the people that I have led and I thank you for the support that you have given me." Rowley thanked his wife Sharon, his entire family and the population for supporting him over the last five years.

He said there were many things which happened during his tenure as prime minister which no one planned for. "We didn't plan to be in serious financial difficulty. We didn't plan to really be affected by the causes of the actions that we had to take to get out of those difficulties. We didn't plan for a Venezuelan invasion. We didn't plan for a pandemic."

Rowley added, "Those are the things that exercised us during that period. Thank God we have come out of it alive." He said during the PNM's Big Red Rally on Saturday, he met many people who said they had prayed for him and were still praying for him. "Thank you for praying for me. Thank you for having prayed for this country and continue to pray for us and pray for TT."


"‘Insignificant’ Rowley calls for continued prayers"

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