Attorney: Duke has offended Tobago women

Watson Duke - DAVID REID
Watson Duke - DAVID REID

Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP) leader, Watson Duke has vowed to take legal action against two “dutty, stinking girls" - a Tobago woman and her attorney - for defamation of character.

Calling the women's names on the politcal platform on Saturday in Crown Point, Duke claimed he was slandered on social media. On July 31, Duke's attorney Lionel Luckhoo served a preaction protocol letter to a woman demanding the removal of a Facebook post who claimed she was laid off from the PSA in 2017. Duke is the president of the PSA.

The woman's lawyer, Melanie Roberts-Radgman, in her reply, said Duke's name was not called in the Facebook post and "any inferences made regarding a connection between the contents of the posts and your client...could only be attributed to the already existing public estimation in which your client is held."

Duke said on Saturday, "I don't business tonight...them dutty, stinking girls. They want to stink up my name. A next one name (calls name) dutty, stinking...I'll have my day in court. When I take you to court I'll see to it that a senior counsel requests that you produce allyuh evidence."

Speaking to Newsday on Sunday, Roberts-Radgman described Duke's statement as unfortunate but not surprising.

"It's saddening but it was necessary so that Tobagonians could see the kind of person Mr Duke is. He has offended Tobago women...I am confident Tobago women will not stand for this and sit idly by and allow male politicians or any man vying for leadership to take them down in this way," she said.


"Attorney: Duke has offended Tobago women"

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