Insulting campaign ads about Africans

THE EDITOR: As a proud African woman, I strongly condemn the continued demonisation of African people in ad campaigns. I am concerned about the silence of many of the civic organisations and other groups that have remained conspicuously quiet when we continue to see campaign videos that target African people and portray us as poor, begging, desperate and in need of handouts.

And this in this period when the world is finally acknowledging the role and impact of African people to the development of society. A mere five days after Emancipation Day, I was initially disappointed that the UNC could not even honour the struggle of African people but instead offered a token “Triumph for us all” which is akin to “All Lives Matter.”

Perhaps the community silence had given it room to believe that this latest offering of an image of a young African woman seemingly begging the UNC for support is okay. It is not okay. It is derogatory, insulting, disrespectful and should be condemned by all right-thinking people.

Our woman and girls do not need handouts; we are strong, self-reliant and independent. Our great grandmothers came across the seas enslaved but fought for our freedom. Our nation has been built on their backs and our membership includes from Her Excellency the President, CEOs, educators, editors, writers, artistes, businesswomen and cleaners, but we all work with our heads high and dedicated to defending out family and community.

To denigrate us as otherwise is disrespectful.


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"Insulting campaign ads about Africans"

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