Analyse before voting

THE EDITOR: The headlines of many of the daily newspapers, such as "Barry bacchanal," do little to instil confidence in any of the political parties competing for my vote.

The real issues are always hidden in the ole talk by many of the politicians. By real issues I mean plans for improving the economy, reducing national debt, creating jobs, dealing with corruption. These are what the electorate wants to hear about.

In the past five years alone under the present PNM administration there have been many allegations of corruption and scandal, many of which remain unresolved. Some examples include:

The AV oil scandal at Petrotrin, the Tobago ferry scandal, the Darryl Smith issue, the firing of many CEOs and chairmen at SporTT after a corruption investigation, allegations of bobol made by a former EFCL chairman, and so many firings and removals of public officials.

There were also unresolved issues from the previous People’s Partnership government as well.

It is hoped that the electorate will be able to sift through the morass of bacchanal and analyse the real issues that will determine the fate of the country.


San Fernando


"Analyse before voting"

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