Esdelle returns home on Sunday

TT's Italian-based women's pro volleyball player, Krystle Esdelle -
TT's Italian-based women's pro volleyball player, Krystle Esdelle -

After several months trapped in Italy by the global repercussions of coronavirus, TT women’s pro volleyball player Krystle Esdelle makes a much anticipated return home on Sunday.

Having received her final travel exemption document from the Ministry of National Security on Friday, the 36-year old swiftly left her Italian base en route to London.

From there, she travels to Barbados, arriving on Saturday, and spends a couple hours there before boarding her final flight to Piarco Airport.

After sending many e-mails asking for a travel exemptions throughout June and July, Esdelle received her first letter of acceptance on July 28.She was tested for covid19 and returned a negative result. She then quickly confirmed the most financially feasible flight route to TT.

When she touches down in Trinidad on Sunday, Esdelle is required to go into quarantine for a 14-day period, as mandated by the Government for returning nationals.

She will be tested once more for the virus, and if negative, will be allowed to return to her Claxton Bay home.

Before receiving a final document on Friday afternoon, Esdelle was a bit edgy, wondering whether she would be turned back by airport officials in Barbados or would have to undergo quarantine there. Thankfully, however, she got the document mere hours before boarding her flight to England.

Owing to the global pandemic, she has not ben playing for her Italian club, P2P Baronissi, since the league was cancelled in March. She was unable to return home at that time owing to contract obligations.

Esdelle was housed at a club apartment until May, when her contract ended. By then, TT’s borders were closed to prevent further spread of the virus. Two weeks later, Esdelle’s apartment was broken into.

Fearful, she moved out to stay with a friend. With her finances running low, Esdelle eagerly awaited the reopening of TT’s borders. Since that has not happened yet, she ended up resorting to applying for a travel exemption from the Ministry of National Security.


"Esdelle returns home on Sunday"

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