Clarke: PDP keeps getting stronger

Wane Clarke  -
Wane Clarke -

Wane Clarke is urging the Tobago voters to reject the candidacy of Shamfa Cudjoe and Ayanna Webster-Roy in the upcoming elections.

Addressing supporters during the Progressive Democratic Patriot’s (PDP) drive-in meeting at Golden Lane on Tuesday evening, Clarke, who was the party’s candidate for the Lambeau/Signal Hill electoral district in the 2017 THA elections said the both candidates have failed the people of Tobago over the last five years.

“On August 10th, you know what to do. If we are going to send people to represent us, send people who would do the job because they would leave Tobago, they leave with an assignment just as the last two representatives left Tobago with an assignment five years ago. That assignment, the main one was to go and forward our cause for internal self-government… and if they did, you would not be in the situation that you are today.

"It seems like we have a whole bunch of people giving them assignments, sending them out when they go out, change some way along the way and end up doing their own business, I am saying: we had enough of that,” he said.

He noted that the party has come a long way between 2017 and now and it was not by accident.

“They say every great revolution started with one thought from one man… one man’s dream; that one man is Watson Solomon Duke. He ran as an independent in 2015, he lost but it didn’t end there because you cannot be a great champion if you put your tail between your legs and run home after one loss, you have to keep on fighting. He kept fighting… we went into the THA elections in 2017 with nothing and we came out with two seats. The team keeps getting stronger and stronger and stronger and we cannot stop now.”

He made reference to the confusion into PNM’s Tobago Council internal elections noting that the PDP’s fight is not internal.

“Our fight is to release Tobago from the shackles of Trinidad for years and years, so that each and every one of you would be respected. Our fight is to be able to govern our own affairs,” he said.


"Clarke: PDP keeps getting stronger"

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