Chamber chair disassociates herself from UNC ads

Head of the Tobago Chamber of Commerce Diane Hadad
Head of the Tobago Chamber of Commerce Diane Hadad

Tobago businesswoman Diane Hadad is warning the United National Congress (UNC) that its continued usage of a video clip of her discussing Tobago issues could result in legal action against the party.

In a press release, Hadad who is also the chair of the Tobago Division of the TT Chamber of Industry and Commerce, said she finds it “reprehensible” that a political party can use her name and image to “score cheap political points.”

“I take this opportunity to distance and disassociate myself from any political advertisements on the various print, electronic and social media platforms, using clips of any interviews that I would have conducted in the past,” she said.

The release said the party is using a soundbite from an interview with Hadad on a morning TV show programme some time ago. That soundbite, she said is now being used out of context “and linking myself with a political party in an attack ad on its political rival. It is reprehensible for any political party to use Diane Hadad’s name and image to score cheap political points.”

Describing herself as a businesswoman and a citizen of this country, she said, "I serve my country with dignity and pride. I am not in any way involved in party politics.

"Even more importantly, I was never notified that my good name, voice, and image were to be used in such a manner.”

While she may have strong views on matters in this country, she said, she remains apolitical and independent in those views and opinions.

She added that in the first instance, she is requesting that with immediate effect, all political advertisements using her name, image, likeness or voice being aired on any media, be it on social media, print or electronic media be immediately removed and all publication cease; “and that no other video, quote, image or photo of me be used by any political party or any of its affiliates or supporters or anyone whatsoever or whosoever in support of or against any political party or candidate in the upcoming election." Hadadd said she was consulting her legal team, and will be taking legal action "in defence of my good name and character.”


"Chamber chair disassociates herself from UNC ads"

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