PM slams UNC ads

Dr Keith Rowley
Dr Keith Rowley

THE Prime Minister slammed the UNC for using advertisements which portray people of African descent in a negative way.

In a radio interview on Thursday, Dr Rowley said he took umbrage to see these ads from "a political party that was in the government of TT and that wants to be the government again portraying black people in a way in a way that those ads are portraying us."

Saying there was an ad with a child in it, Rowley said he does not know if the UNC knows "how offensive that ad is."

He said there must be exemplars in TT so that young people know there is a space in which they can develop and know that "respect is earned."

Rowley said many people do not know how a victory by the West Indies cricket team uplifts the Caribbean or how Hasely Crawford's gold medal victory in the 1976 Olympic Games encouraged many young people to become runners.

He rejected those people in TT who continue "dumping the negatives" on other people, while the rest of the country "must believe that is who we are."

Last month, Rowley accused UNC leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar of "race-baiting" after she made a statement during a UNC virtual meeting in which she apparently described him as the “black man on the other side.”

Rowley also said after the election, Government will move to establish a committee that will look at the introduction of e-books in schools. He highlighted the preservation of jobs, keeping TT out of the hands of the International Monetary Fund and the construction of the Curepe Interchange as some of the achievements of the PNM during the last five years.


"PM slams UNC ads"

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