Worriless Wedding launches DIY guide

Worriless Wedding and Events chief events officer Natalie Orr.

Photo courtesy Natalie Orr -
Worriless Wedding and Events chief events officer Natalie Orr. Photo courtesy Natalie Orr -

Wedding planning company Worriless Wedding and Events is launching a Do It Yourself Wedding Guide to assist couples who want to plan a successful wedding themselves.

Chief events officer Natalie Orr said the book gives guidelines, templates and tips on the basics of planning a wedding. She said the idea was born during the forced downtime the company experienced during the covid19 stay-at-home measures.

“Our Do It Yourself Wedding Guide was born out of love for serving others. During our period of downtime, we reflected on how we can offer more to our audience. So, we asked them what type of bride or couple they are when planning their wedding as well as the challenges they were facing. The results showed that most brides are planning their weddings themselves and their challenges surround accessing the necessary guidance.”

Orr said she realised that while the number of couples choosing the DIY option was growing, there were limited services being offered to them.

“We chose to write this book as we wanted to offer our DIY couples more options than the templates available in our current Do It Yourself Package. We revised these templates and added more guidelines and tips so that our wedding guide is compact and reader-friendly.”

Orr said the hope is to have local and regional couples use the guide.

“We would love to see all DIY couples regionally choose our Do It Yourself Wedding Guide as their preferred companion when planning their wedding. We'd hope that this guide provides the solution for their most common challenges and more.”

The book features sections such as: Getting Started; Guest List Tips; Wedding Budget and Wedding Budget Saving Tips; Wedding Checklist; Choosing The Right Vendor; Wedding Essentials; and more.

The company will launch the guide virtually on August 8 at 5.30 pm on the Worriless Wedding and Events Facebook page. The company’s social media pages are currently hosting a giveaway ending on Thursday with the live draw to take place during the virtual launch on Saturday.

The Do It Yourself Wedding Guide can be pre-ordered at https://worrilessweddingevents.com/book-launch/. Following the launch, hard and soft copies of the book will be available on the company’s website https://worrilessweddingevents.com/ and Printree TT at https://www.printreett.com/.


"Worriless Wedding launches DIY guide"

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