Williams will hang the Jack

THE EDITOR: Lopinot/Bon Air West has become a battleground constituency in the general election. There are four parties vying for this seat. Of the four, Prakash Williams (UNC) and ILP’s Jack Warner are making an interesting duel.

The conspiracy theory is that Williams is all alone with others hoping that he will falter and Warner will sneak in. Even Warner is reported to have said that. His wish for political survival once again via Lopinot/Bon Air West is a pipe dream he will never see happen.

The reason? People in this eastern town are smart enough to know both PNM and Warner are of no benefit to them. They hold out their hands for someone to walk with them, treat with them and respond to their million and one needs.

Cherrie-Ann Critchlow-Cockburn, the previous MP, fell short big time in serving this diverse constituency. Warner’s abrupt withdrawal of support for Arouca’s Carnival celebrations testifies to his erratic, inconsistent and troubling demeanour, which makes him unpalatable to the average, intelligent man.

That leaves Williams, a community man, educator and youth instructor.

On August 10, Williams will hang the Jack.




"Williams will hang the Jack"

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