Tobago West candidate claims: Threats because of 'my personal life'

Unity of the People's Tobago West candidate Nickocy Phillips
Unity of the People's Tobago West candidate Nickocy Phillips

TOBAGO WEST candidate Nickocy Phillips has been receiving threats in the lead-up to Monday’s general election. Phillips said the threats were being made because of "my personal life."

In an interview with Newsday on Wednesday, Phillips – representing the Unity of the People – said the threats were made via phone calls and WhatsApp messages over the past two weeks.

“People have been calling from all kinds of different numbers and saying all kinds of different things, threatening my life. Some have even been sending me WhatsApp messages which I have already screenshot. Others have been calling and just cutting off the phone,” the candidate said.

“It’s not going to stop me, I welcome it. I have already reported it to the police, but you all can continue, it’s not going to stop me from working for the people of Tobago.

"I am not scared, I am not afraid of anything… I am just asking the people of Tobago to give me that opportunity, give me that chance to represent you in the Parliament and, win or lose, I am going to continue to work for the people of Tobago.”

Phillips said the matter was reported at the Shirvan Road police station on July 25 but no update on the investigation has yet been received.

“The person is continuously calling. I would have already blocked the number but the police service, I don’t know what’s going on with them… I even forwarded it to Gary’s (Commissioner of Police) number and I got no response from nobody at this point in time.

“I am just concerned. As a political leader and someone taking part in an election, you report this to the police and they’re supposed to have a more stringent measure towards such report. Everybody’s crime is not the same, but everybody’s crime needs to be dealt with. If the Prime Minister receives death threats things are put in place and I would think that as young people coming up, we should get the same treatment.”

While not afraid, Phillips said several security arrangements have been put in place.

“I need them to be brave and come out from behind the phone. And if they don’t want to come from behind the phone, what can I do?

“I have to be careful walking around now because I don’t know who it is at this point in time. So therefore I have to walk around in groups and always have people around me. I also try not to go outside too much after (late) hours again because you never know what can happen.”

Phillips called on the public to condemn such behaviour, noting that attacks on any candidate must never be tolerated.

Contacted on Wednesday, ACP Tobago Vernon Roberts said he was unaware of the allegation but promised to investigate.


"Tobago West candidate claims: Threats because of ‘my personal life’"

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