Subhas Panday accuses PNM of 'pelting mud'

Subhas Panday -
Subhas Panday -

SUBHAS Panday has taken offence at what he says are the continuous references to corruption the PNM is levelling at the UNC.

“The PNM is pelting so much mud on UNC, hoping some will stick. They saying how we nasty, to make we cower in a corner, to make you feel shame so you will not vote for we,” he told supporters at a UNC Oropouche East cottage meeting on Friday night.

The Pandays have gone their separate ways from the UNC, formed their own Patriotric Front party and opted out of the 2020 election. But Subhas Panday, a former UNC minister and younger brother of former prime minister Basdeo Panday, mounted a platform in support of candidate Dr Roodal Moonilal.

Panday said every time an election comes around the PNM concocts a scheme to discredit the UNC.

He said in 2015, the E-mailgate scandal and lies about the UNC won the PNM that election, even though he said the allegations were later discredited. In the last local government elections, he said it linked the UNC to the Cambridge Analytica scandal over alleged breaches of data privacy laws. Police have since closed criminal investigations into that matter.

“All those lies have now been exposed, and this year Stuart Young is now coming to say UNC people involved in human trafficking.

“You know what that means?” Panday asked.“It means you are tiefing people from a next country, tiefing children and bringing them across the border to exploit them.

“That is an international crime – and he is saying the UNC is involved in human trafficking. That is the biggest lie and you must reject this idea and reject them.”

The firebrand politician asserted that this is the mother of all elections.

He said the way to fight this election is with the finger, not the gun.

He warned that more workers would loose their jobs if the PNM is elected to a second term.

He said workers at UTT and WASA were earmarked for this special treatment.

He said plans to reform the regional corporations are also a mask to send half the workers home.

“The rest who remain, is tax in you back, because they intend to bring the revenue authority."

Panday weighed in on the vast amount of money he said has been spent on crime with little or no results to show.

He said draconian laws have been passed to “lock up little black boys if they have a little thing,” but questioned the equity of treatment when a minister’s children were seen playing with a prohibited weapon, but the incident was swept under the carpet.

“I do not support crime nor criminality, I believe the law should be applied across the board, Why up to now that docket is under the table?”


"Subhas Panday accuses PNM of 'pelting mud'"

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