Sinanan: Vote for your future, not tradition

Rohan Sinanan
Rohan Sinanan

PNM campaign manager Rohan Sinanan said this election is not the one to vote based on traditions but one based on the future.

Knocking the UNC’s plans to “put a dome” over TT in response to covid19, Sinanan said the UNC makes up plans as they go along.

Speaking at a virtual political meeting in Tunapuna on Wednesday, Sinanan said a PNM government will ensure that TT will survive the way it has survived during to covid19 pandemic – with worldwide commendation.

But he warned that if PNM is not re-elected that TT could find itself in the same position many other countries are in.

“Why try to fix something that is working?” he said.

 Sinanan said no outsider could govern the constituency of Tunapuna like Esmond Forde, a son of the soil.

He said Forde had served the area well and continues to do it proudly.

“You are sociable, good-natured people. You are sociable, good-natured, approachable and high in community spirit and togetherness. No one from the outside could represent you. You know who you are and you have to understand the people of Tunapuna if you want to represent them. You don’t parachute in and feel that you are one of us.”


"Sinanan: Vote for your future, not tradition"

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