Rowley: Not all politicians are crooks

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley. -
Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley. -

PNM POLITICAL leader Dr Rowley boasted of not being involved in any crooked deals during his entire political career and warned that other politicians were seeking to get into office to become rich.

Speaking during a virtual political meeting held on Wednesday in Tunapuna, Rowley said recounted section 34 and other scandals during the “previous government,” and compared it to projects under his administration where he said there was no impropriety.

He said in the previous government contractors often went to the prime minister’s home to get contracts. “But society is changing its culture. No contractor has been to my house.”

He said the UNC has already made promises to certain people which they would have to pay on if they win the August 10 general election.

Rowley claimed that the UNC promised their Tunapuna candidate David Nakhid that he would be prime minister in five years and disclosed that the PNM had turned down his offer to be a candidate.

“They promised away the whole country already,” he said. “There wouldn’t be enough posts or money in the treasury to pay the people they promise to.

“But we have made no promises, except to the people of TT.”

He said the PNM government restructured Petrotrin and successfully manage covid19. He accused the UNC of wanting to see the country fail in managing covid19 so they could succeed. He warned people not to trust the UNC government to manage the virus because they are irresponsible.

“They are telling you the sun will kill it, and if you have it to drink puncheon and lime and you would be fine.”

He said the same problems the UNC had in 2015 still exist today, and it shows that the party had not progressed.

“A government’s job is to solve problems. There are always issues to be addressed. And governments come in and go out.”

“That government that was there in 2015 (UNC) would have easily been given the opportunity to continue, but the population felt that there was not sufficient satisfaction with what the government of the day was doing and what it was promising to do.”

“If they had done one thing to distinguish itself from the other governments – under Eric Williams, ANR Robinson, the government of Manning – the last made a career of undermining the country’s institutions and the population became aware of that.”

He said an example of their continued attempts to undermine institutions was a letter sent to a judge asking him to defer his ruling in a politically sensitive case.


"Rowley: Not all politicians are crooks"

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