PM: SEA students to return home but exam still on

Dr Keith Rowley
Dr Keith Rowley

As a precaution to limit the spread of the coronavirus, the Prime Minister has announced that students preparing for the SEA examination will continue their studies from home as of Thursday.
Speaking at a media briefing on Wednesday, Dr Rowley said after reviewing the data from the Ministry of Health on recent cases, he decided it would be best to have children continue their preparation for exams from home.
He said, however, that barring an "explosion" of covid19 cases, the SEA exam will happen as planned on August 20.
Citing the closure of several schools after cases of suspected exposure to students infected with the virus, he said while the exam was important, the government was not prepared to risk the health and safety of TT's children for it.
"The decision I have taken is that we will discontinue at this stage from tomorrow (Thursday) those children will not go back out to have classes at school and we expect that they will do at home what they were doing before."
Rowley also called on parents to do their part to help their children prepare for the exam.


"PM: SEA students to return home but exam still on"

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