Forde plans to boot out Nakhid

Esmond Forde  FILE PHOTO
Esmond Forde FILE PHOTO

PNM candidate for Tunapuna Esmond Forde says he was born and grew up in the constituency of Tunapuna and has no intention of allowing a “parachutist,” referring to opponent UNC candidate David Nakhid, a career footballer, to remove him as the next Member of Parliament.

“I am not a recently arrived parachutist, now running around with dustbins, trinkets, handouts and unsustainable promises,” he said on Wednesday night during a virtual political meeting.

He said Nakhid had only “landed” in Tunapuna less than a month ago while he is a son of the soil in Tunapuna.

He promised if re-elected on August 10 he will create linkages to access roads, create bypass roads and bridges to Caura Road to help alleviate congestion on the Eastern Main Road, create opportunities by through agricultural programmes, bring back boy scouts and establish an advisory desk to develop youth in sport, education, artistic and cultural activities.

UNC Tunapuna candidate David Nakhid

He added that he would prioritise the development of infrastructure in the area.

“We will not be able to build every retaining wall or pave every road but we will prioritise them in order to ensure the worst is fixed in a timely basis.” he said.

He also promised funeral grants, temporary food cards and developmental programmes. He said the initiatives would provide sustainable jobs for people in Tunapuna and would make general improvements in their lives.

He said during the devastating flooding in 2018 he ensured that affected constituents received thousands in hampers and flood relief supplies.

“I will make sure that Tunapuna gets its fair share,” he said.

“When you vote for Esmond Forde you will be voting for integrity, transparency, trust, and strong family values.”


"Forde plans to boot out Nakhid"

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