Fear, stupidity keeping PNM in power

Nicholas Anthony Williams. -
Nicholas Anthony Williams. -

TT Democratic Front (TTDF) candidate for Point Fortin Nicholas Anthony Williams says fear and stupidity by some constituents is what is causing the PNM to continue to rule the constituency.

Point Fortin is often called a PNM stronghold. Its 2020 candidate is the borough’s mayor – Kennedy Richards Jr.

Speaking with Newsday on Wednesday, Williams said over the years, the PNM has “done nothing for Point Fortin but take away.

“…No jobs - unemployment, underdevelopment, crime is raising its ugly head in Point Fortin. There are a lot of issues going on in Point Fortin that the mayor never really took charge of.

“We have PNM sicko fans (sic) out there and rel die-hards in Point Fortin. So if yuh dig up roads and cut water lines in a rush, they go say, ‘Aye, we doing something,’ those fans will go and vote for the PNM.”

He said typically, when he speaks about politics in Point Fortin, people often tell him to shut up.

“They say, ‘You don’t try for Point Fortin, you don’t do anything for we. Businessmen have told me, ‘I with PNM, I cya go against them.’ Like everybody ‘fraid this Prime Minister. People told me, ‘I wish I could support you, inno, but going against PNM would be going against my business.’ Everybody ‘fraid the PNM.”

He continued, “I think it’s stupidity because if you want your business to survive and you see what is happening in Point Fortin, I would put fear aside and bite the government in dey a--. These people are just there for themselves and to hell with the rest of we (sic), so nothing changes.”

He said only PNM supporters benefit from state assistance in the area, adding that a lot of youth voters are fed up with the party.

“Even when we had the food drive and the mayor and them came out with Meals on Wheels, it only went to certain people, even Massy food bags went to people they knew…Who get two and three bags. (It) is about who votes for them, who on their list. If yuh feel yuh want to get a work in the hospital, if yuh not throwing up a PNM card, it won’t happen.”

He said he knows if the PNM does not win the Point Fortin constituency on August 10, it will be a “hard blow” to them.

He said his vision for the constituency includes it becoming a city as opposed to a borough, implement tyre manufacturing as well as agriculture through the use of technology, and agro-processing plants.

In addition, he wishes to boost beach tourism and ecotourism, create a fish processing plant, a mall-sized farmers market. “safe havens” for children and abused women, a 24-hour day-care, a sports and arts complex, among other things.

Ask if he believes achieving all of this – in addition to his other plans – are achievable within five years, he said, “I believe it could if we have a strong person and not a yes man in Point Fortin. It could.”


"Fear, stupidity keeping PNM in power"

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