Devant writes EBC: Probe Rowley's claim of UNC bribery attempts

Devant Maharaj -
Devant Maharaj -

SAYING that surel, the Prime Minister would not publicly claim the UNC was trying to bribe the population for votes without clear-cut evidence, UNC member and social activist Devant Maharaj has written to the Elections and Boundaries Commission (EBC) calling for a thorough investigation into the claims.
Maharaj called for the investigation in a letter dated August 5, to EBC chairman Mark Ramkerrysingh.
At a PNM campaign meeting in La Brea on Tuesday night, Rowley charged that the UNC was seeking to buy votes in the run-up to next Monday's general election.
He said Rowley had said the UNC has been seeking to secure votes by giving people appliances “by the truck oad.”
The Prime Minister further said, Maharaj wrote, “Elsewhere in the country, the UNC busy in the east and the south handing out by the truckload fridges, stoves, washing machines and microwave.
"Take the fridge. Take the stove. Take the microwave. Take it all. Because it is brought to you from the money they took from you (when in office) to get you to vote. After you take it, go and vote solidly for the PNM.”
This, Maharaj pointed out, was a serious allegation made by a sitting prime minister and demanded to be investigated with alacrity. He said if what Rowley says is true, that the UNC is trying to influence the electorate for the upcoming polls with these "gifts," then it would be a breach of the Representation of the People Act.
"As a member of the UNC I am deeply disturbed by these statements as I have not witnessed or heard of any such activity by the party and am confident that the UNC will not undertake any unlawful action during the General Elections," Maharaj wrote. He ended his letter by saying it appears from what Rowley said at the meeting that he is in possession of hard facts deserving of the attention of the EBC chairman. Indeed the Prime Minister would not make such a statement widely and without supporting evidence, Maharaj said.


"Devant writes EBC: Probe Rowley’s claim of UNC bribery attempts"

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