Barry Padarath tells PNM: 'I nah leaving'

Barry Padarath -
Barry Padarath -

UNC Princes Town candidate Barry Padarath on Tuesday declared there is no way the PNM will be able to prove his nomination is invalid.

Padarath also opined that the PNM's efforts to challenge his eligibility to contest the August 10 general election was because the party feared him.

In response to efforts by the PNM to declare his nomination invalid, Padarath took a line from one of calypsonian Denyse Plummer's classic songs, declaring, "The PNM is desperate to get rid of me. I have news for them: I nah leavin'!"

Padarath claimed the PNM wants to see the back of him because "I have been a thorn in the PNM's side from day one."

He said this is because "I am outspoken and I have exposed their incompetence and corruption."

He also predicted the PNM's actions would backfire and help him to defeat their candidate, Sharon Baboolal.

"My constituents are highly energised to go out and vote for me. They are not fazed by the PNM desperation."

Padarath added, "I am the (UNC) candidate on the ballot paper."

He reiterated that the UNC is focused on winning the election and "not PNM mischief at this time.":

UNC general secretary Dave Tancoo said, "There has been no communication with regard to this matter at all between ourselves and the EBC ( Elections and Boundaries Commission)."

Tancoo, who is also the UNC Oropouche West candidate, added, "As far as we are concerned, there is no matter.

"We are of the view that we have a valid candidate."

He said Padarath has been "validly recognised by the EBC."

On the PNM claims against Padarath, Tancoo said, "Right now. That is just picong and ole talk."

In response to questions from Newsday, the EBC said, "In light of the People's National Movement's stated intentions to pursue this matter at the courts, the EBC will have no comment."

At a virtual meeting in Chaguanas on Monday, PNM leader Dr Keith Rowley said he was awaiting Padarath's explanation to the court on this matter.

At a news conference in Port of Spain on Monday, PNM chairman Colm Imbert said Padarath signed the wrong form when his nomination papers were filed. Imbert said on discovering the error, the PNM sought legal advice and had a legal note on it.

He said there was no requirement for the candidate to appear physically at the EBC office to submit the papers. SInce Padarath was in quarantine, he said, someone could have taken the normal precautions, given him a consent form to sign, and delivered it to the returning officer.

Imbert said he was of the view that once the PNM informs the EBC in advance that a candidate has submitted the wrong form, thereby making his application invalid, the seat should be left for the other candidates to contest. Apart from Padarath and Baboolal, the PEP's Kim Young Low is also contesting Princes Town on August 10.


"Barry Padarath tells PNM: ‘I nah leaving’"

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