Rowley: UNC giving fridge, stove for votes

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley. -
Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley. -

THE PRIME Minister has alleged the United National Congress (UNC) has been seeking to secure votes by giving people appliances “by the truck load.”

He was speaking on Tuesday night at the People’s National Movement campaign meeting in La Brea.

“Elsewhere in the country, the UNC busy in the east and the south handing out by the truckload fridges, stoves, washing machines and microwaves.

“Take the fridge. Take the stove. Take the microwave. Take it all. Because it is brought to you from the money they took from you (when in office) to get you to vote. After you take it, go and vote solidly for the PNM.”

He said the UNC has been calling for Commonwealth observers for the election, but he questioned what the observers would have to say about the UNC giving out appliances by the truckload.

“They are playing the potential victim but they are the ones corrupting the election process.”

He said people should ask where the money was coming from for these appliances and what the party would want from them.

“Is that what we want our country to become?”

Dr Rowley pointed out half a billion dollars could not be accounted for after the old $100 bills were changed to the polymer notes.

He claimed the UNC was giving out the old $100 bills to people, including those not operating within the law, and promising they would make the bills legal tender if returned to office.

“They have to do that because they have more (of this) money than the criminals. So they have to change it too.

“These people have so corrupted this society, it is almost beyond comprehension.”

He said the PNM did not “thief” and has no fridge or stove to give people but “just solid governance for you and your children.”


"Rowley: UNC giving fridge, stove for votes"

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