Epidemiologist: Adults spread covid19 to students

Dr Avery Hinds -
Dr Avery Hinds -

EPIDEMIOLOGIST Dr Avery Hinds said that adults who were positive with covid19 spread the virus to students.

He was speaking Monday at the virtual covid19 briefing.

He said there were a couple of school exposures that were related to adults and they exposed school-age children which then led to closure of schools.

"It is the responsibility of adults to protect their families, including the younger ones, from exposure and potential spread of covid19."

He said that the settings where transmission has occurred were shared household spaces, workplaces, social settings, bars and other settings where people gathered. He stressed that health officials were asking and "begging" for people to follow the recommendations including mask wearing, hand washing and sanitising.

"Any place where you don't have adherence to these practices (you may have transmission)."

Hinds reported that social settings have been found as a link between local covid19 cases that were initially thought not to be linked. He said that health officials will continue with contact tracing, swabbing, quarantine and sanitising.


"Epidemiologist: Adults spread covid19 to students"

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