Xcite drummer marries after cruise ship quarantine

Stacyann Bisoon and Andy Edwards after their wedding at House of Mercy Church, Marabella on Saturday evening. PHOTO BY LINCOLN HOLDER -
Stacyann Bisoon and Andy Edwards after their wedding at House of Mercy Church, Marabella on Saturday evening. PHOTO BY LINCOLN HOLDER -

DRUMMER Andy Edwards who was stuck on board a cruise line for two months wed his long-time sweetheart Stacyann Bisoon at an intimate wedding ceremony at the House of Mercy Church, Marabella on Saturday evening.

Drifting on the ocean aboard the Caribbean Princess cruise line after his tour of duty had ended, locked in a small cabin, coming up only for air, meals and temperature checks, Edwards one saving grace was his girlfriend, Stacyann.

The two had been seeing each other for just over two years and had spoken about getting married.

No date was set, but Edwards, a musician with the band Xcite began executing his plans and purchased Stacyann’s rings during his tour earlier this year.

When the advent of the coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown of borders keeping them apart, Edwards said while he loved and appreciated Stacyann, the unprecedented separation made him realise how really important she was to him and wanted her to be his life partner.

“I love her with all my heart and I could not take it anymore, wondering what it is like to wake up every morning with the most beautiful woman God had created, lying right next to me.”

On June 25, at a family gathering to celebrate the elevation of her uncle, who is a pastor, Edwards took a knee and surprised Stacyann with a proposal.

He asked her to take seat and close her eyes as violinist Marcus Nelson played the romantic A Thousand Years by Katy Perry.

“I have died every day waiting for you for a thousands years, I love you for a thousand more,” Perry sings.

In the presence of her family, his parents are abroad and were unable to return home for the ceremony, Edwards told Stacyann, “being away from you while I was trapped out at sea felt like I had waited a thousand years which is why I requested that song.”

He recalled an attraction for her for many years as he watched her perform the role of an usher at the Faith Community Church, they both attended, but was only able to muster the courage to talk to her two years ago.

“I felt a dream had come true when we started chatting, caught up in the rapture of love, smiling, feeling so much joy,” he said in the video recording of the proposal.

“They say every day the universe expands and we all discover certain things we don’t understand. Well that might not be the only mystery at hand as I am still wondering how I got a girl like you to say that I am your man,” he said as her family cheered and Stacyann blushed.

Stacyann said she was blessed to have a kind, generous, God-fearing man like Edwards to be her husband.

Because of covid19 restrictions, Edwards was not able to invite his entire band members or to have them play for him at his special day.

The band was represented by the leader Sterling Howell.

Edwards said financially, life has been a little tough, but by the grace of God he will be able to provide for his family. He has one son who was the ring-bearer.

Covid19 has also ruled out a romantic get away to a foreign destination but Edwards said he has his whole life ahead to make it up to his wife.


"Xcite drummer marries after cruise ship quarantine"

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