MSJ accuses Persad-Bissessar of making 'unbalanced statements'

David Abdulah, political leader of the Movement for Social Justice, at the party's San Fernando office 
David Abdulah, political leader of the Movement for Social Justice, at the party's San Fernando office PHOTO BY LINCOLN HOLDER

Political leader of the Movement for Social Justice (MSJ) David Abdulah has accused the UNC and its leader of engaging in fear-mongering and using fear tactics as the general election campaign heats up.

"She is making totally unbalanced statements," he said.

Abdulah, who is contesting the Pointe-a-Pierre seat, further accused Kamla Persad-Bissessar of making extreme statements recently like using sunlight as a cure for the coronavirus. He also referred to it as the nancy story of sunlight.

At a press conference at the party’s head office in San Fernando on Sunday, Abdulah called on the public to ignore the statement, which he considered "an indication of her lack of balance."

He charged that Persad-Bissessar suggested that Elections and Boundaries Commission (EBC) officials would deliberately discriminate against members of the UNC or other parties who show symptoms of the virus.

"That is to call the EBC, as an independent institute, into disrepute. We condemn that statement outright."

He slammed Persad-Bissessar for her calling for international observers for the August 10 general election and citing the recent controversial elections in Guyana.

He recalled that in the late 1970s, he led the Committee Against Repression in Guyana. He said he, unlike anyone from the UNC, has the authority to speak about elections in Guyana.

"I was arrested in Guyana and told never to come back again. I was arrested for speaking publicly in Georgetown.

"TT is not Guyana. We do not have the same history."

Abdulah said the MSJ supports a Caricom observer mission.

He criticised the Dr Keith Rowley-led administration saying the PNM did not do enough to allow a Caricom observer mission to enter and be paid for the quarantining in a state facility.

"The team would not have numbered more than a handful. We have confidence in the EBC to conduct elections freely and fairly."

The MSJ, he said, condemns the use of taxpayers’ money in advertisements by the two major parties. He accused the Ministry of Communications of highlighting their achievements in newspapers.

"I saw at an MP’s office, a campaign vehicle with yellow stickers on it. It is wrong for politicians to use the constituency office. Once MSJ gets into Parliament, it will ensure there are laws to protect taxpayers’ money so it is not used for campaigns."

He vowed that once in Parliament, MSJ would not seek a coalition.

"We will support legislation beneficial to the people. We will oppose legislation people think is bad."

He promised to address issues such as campaign finance and local government reform the possibility of special prosecutors dealing with white-collar crimes.

Regarding the pandemic, he commended Chief Medical Officer Dr Roshan Parasram and his team of healthcare professionals saying they have been doing an excellent job of managing the issue.


"MSJ accuses Persad-Bissessar of making ‘unbalanced statements’"

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