Your time has passed

Stanford Callender
Stanford Callender

The group of former Tobago politicians who said they support the Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP) in the August 10 election should be using their time to mentor young, aspiring politicians.

So said PNM Tobago Council chairman Stanford Callender he responded on Friday to the group’s criticism of the PNM for failing to bring greater autonomy to Tobago.

The group, which included former Tobago House of Assembly (THA) chairman Jeff Davidson, former government minister and former secretaries Max James and Cecil, held a news conference on Thursday at Blue Crab Restaurant, Bacolet. They said they are displeased with the way the PNM has treated Tobagonians and pledged their support for Duke, who they believe will push for internal self-government.

But speaking at a news conference on Friday at the PNM’s headquarters in Pumpmill, Scarborough, Callender said the group should be concerned with passing on itsexperiences to the young people.

“I don’t want to say that those people would have expired but what I would have hoped that they would use their experiences and encourage the young representatives we have, some of the skills of the trade,” he said.

The former Tobago West MP said although people are free to have their own opinions, the members of the group have traditionally been opposed to the PNM.

“I am not surprised, because they have grown accustomed to their demonstration of the cultural and historic hate and vendetta for the people’s national movement. There was a time in Tobago, if you were labelled PNM, you were a traitor to Tobago.”

Callender also said the brand of politics the members of the group practised no longer obtained.

“We live in a changing world, because in those days, with all due respect to my friends, we did not even have cellphones.

“So as a people and as a nation, we have come a long way and I want to thank them for their contribution to the people of Tobago.”

Referring to the Brother Valentino calypso Life is a Stage, Callender said everyone has a role to play.

“They have played their part and I must say, for most of them, they did well.

“And I want to say it is the end of that era and as a people we are into another era and we need to encourage the young, brilliant minds of TT to continue to work and excel and take this country into the future.” Callender thanked the ex-politicians for their contribution to Tobago.


"Your time has passed"

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