Trincity woman in custody after biting off son's lip

Police of various units in the Northern Division had to rescue a 14-year-old boy from being killed by his mother early Friday morning.

While the circumstances are still unclear, police confirmed that the 37-year-old woman attacked the boy at their Henry Street, Trincity home at around 3 am.

The woman reportedly bit off a piece of her son's lip. He ran out of the house to get away from her.

The boy ran to Sunrise Park, Trincity while his mother chased him, ending up in the front yard of a house.

The homeowner heard the commotion outside, saw the woman attacking the boy. and called the police.

Members of the Northern Division Emergency Response Patrol went to the scene and had to use a Taser to subdue the woman.

She was taken to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex, where she is being treated for self-inflicted wounds to her wrist, while the boy is also being treated.

Investigators said they did not have a clear idea what could have caused the attack. The Arouca CID is continuing enquiries.


"Trincity woman in custody after biting off son’s lip"

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