Where are EBC voting guidelines?

THE EDITOR: Covid19 is not going anywhere soon. This sad reality has hit many citizens over the past few days as new cases emerged, seemingly with no contact to travel.

We can shut everything down again, but can we shut everything down forever? Lockdown or no lockdown, we must adjust to the new normal and find innovative ways to carry on with life while preserving our safety.

One key pillar of normalcy in a democracy is an election. We are less than two weeks away from that critical event that constitutionally comes only once every five years. However, the EBC has not released guidelines on how the voting process will change to protect voters on polling day.

Citizens have questions. Will masks be allowed? Will we be required to dip our finger in the same electoral ink as everyone else? Citizens need to know.

I hope the EBC will see it fit to engage the public on these questions now rather than later. After all, it is the custodian of the most sacred pillar of the democratic system – a responsibility that must not be taken lightly or rushed at the last minute.


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"Where are EBC voting guidelines?"

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