PCA still investigating Morvant shooting

Director of the Police Complaints Authority David West. -
Director of the Police Complaints Authority David West. -

ONE MONTH AFTER the shooting death of Joel Jacob, Israel Clinton and Noel Diamond at the hands of police investigations into the matter continue.

Police Complaints Authority (PCA) head David West said yesterday, the investigation into the matter, led by Deputy Director Michelle Solomon-Baksh, is not yet complete.

The investigations continue with the use of two videos of the incident circulating on social media.

Despite police officers’ reports that one of the three men reached for a firearm, prompting police officers to open fire, a video circulating on social media, depicting the three men being stopped by police and seeming to surrender.

Shortly after the car which they were driving – a gold coloured Nissan Tiida – was stopped by police, the driver of the car was seen sticking his hand out of the car. Another man was seen coming out of the vehicle and surrendering. Shortly after the two men were seen with their hands in the air, police opened fire.

After the three men were shot, police were seen picking up small items from the ground before picking up the three men and putting them in one of the three police vehicles.

The shooting and the videos circulating on social media sparked fiery protests in Port of Spain and environs. During those protests a woman – Ornella Greaves – was shot dead.

Investigations into her death are ongoing as well.


"PCA still investigating Morvant shooting"

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