NCT: No mask, no vote

Nalini Dial

Photo source Facebook
Nalini Dial Photo source Facebook

A small party, the NCT, led by animal-rights activist Nalini Dial, who is vying for Arima in the general election, is insisting voters should wear masks to vote on election day.

“The National Coalition for Transformation is adamant that anyone not wearing a mask should not be allowed to stand in the line to vote and therefore should not be allowed to vote,” said the NCT in a statement on Friday.

The party said after many health advisories, by now people should realise the seriousness and danger to their health if they do not wear masks in public.

“Although it is your democratic right to vote, it is also the democratic right of every citizen to demand protection from those who can cause risks to their health and safety.

“Anyone turning up at a polling division to vote and not wearing a mask should either be advised to go get one and return, or be turned away. We must not encourage this type of uncaring and reckless behaviour that we are witnessing daily by many of our citizens.”


"NCT: No mask, no vote"

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