Living Water will not hand out hampers this Friday

The Living Water Community (LWC) will not deliver hampers today to locals most affected by the covid19 pandemic.

An LWC member told Newsday on Thursday afternoon that the food-bag delivery plan is not scheduled for this week.

"We have been delivering hampers to the most vulnerable Trinidadian community for years, and as a result of the appearance of the pandemic of covid19, the LWC began a plan to distribute food bags weekly," the spokesman.

But more recently, owing to the reopening of the economy, hampers were distributed every other Friday.

"For tomorrow Friday (today), there is no planning. For now the LWC team is working on the reception and organisation of more food for next week to distribute again among the local community," she said.

The LWC said up to last week, it had done 11 or 12 hamper distribution operations.

"In each delivery of bags, between 800 and 1,000 people benefited, all local," said the spokesman.

The first day was on May 1, when it gave out 700 hampers. Then the number increased to 800, thanks to the contributions of companies and individuals to help those most in need.


"Living Water will not hand out hampers this Friday"

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