Esdelle awaits flight schedule to return to TT

TT volleyballer Krystle Esdelle -
TT volleyballer Krystle Esdelle -

AFTER BEING granted a travel exemption by the Ministry of National Security on Wednesday, Italian-based TT pro women’s volleyball player Krystle Esdelle now awaits the release of the Government’s official schedule for repatriated flights.

When this list for foreign-based nationals is published, Esdelle will select a return date from the options provided and then proceed to purchase her ticket to TT.

One of the key requirements to ensure entry is that a covid19 test must be taken within 72 hours of departure. The seasoned national player now awaits the official schedule to determine her departure date and time frame in which she must undergo a coronavirus test.

Esdelle has been has been stuck in Italy since early March after the league was stopped due to rampant spread of the novel virus in Europe. She plays for Italian club, P2P Baronissi Smilers. On March 22, TT closed its borders to foreign travel.

Since then, the 35-year old spiker remained trapped in Italy. When her contract obligations with the club concluded in May, Esdelle’s apartment was broken into. Fearful and alone, she moved out of her club apartment and was accommodated by a fellow teammate at the latter’s apartment.

On Thursday, the teammate was expected to move out. Prior to Wednesday’s exemption approval, Esdelle was worried where she would move to, with funds thinning out over the past four months.

Thankfully, her friend’s landlord, on Thursday, revealed the six-foot, one inch tall athlete could reside there until August 15 free of charge while Esdelle finalises her travel arrangements.

In a short but spirited response via WhatsApp on Thursday, the elated volleyball player stated, “I hope to be out of here by then (August 15).”

Esdelle is main breadwinner for her parents in TT and anticipates her long awaited return home after several months of uncertainty.


"Esdelle awaits flight schedule to return to TT"

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