Tobago losing clean,green, serene scene

THE EDITOR: I love Tobago! I have been vacationing here for a month. Sadly I have noticed some disturbing things that I needed to share.

In my opinion Tobago is what Trinidad used to be – clean, green and serene.

So let's address these three very small but powerful words:

Clean: Tobago is losing this battle. There is litter everywhere – garbage thrown down cliffs, in the sea, on beaches, in beautiful green spaces you see machines or tyres discarded. People are not educated about littering nor do they care. Unbelievably, there is no recycling of plastics. Score: fail.

Green: This island is so beautifully lush and green but also noticeable is the amount of building happening everywhere. While I that appreciate development is necessary for any country, are they all Town and Country approved? Score: fail.

Serene: Tobago has such huge potential to be a new discovery for tourists. Tourists want safety and pleasant, honest and helpful people. A clean environment, no noise, no litter and, yes, laws that are enforced. To be able to trust the police to do their jobs and be role models.

Many residential areas are screaming to be heard, begging for help for years because of the companies renting houses to visitors among their homes. People that actually live in these residential areas are subjected to foul language, drunkenness, obnoxious loud music all hours of the day and night. This is not right in so many ways.

It is known that a couple companies do care enough to include in their rental contract that if they misbehave in any way, they will lose their deposit and it seems to work. It is crucial for residents that this be controlled. All rental contracts should have that "lose your deposit" inserted. Score: huge fail.

All of the above I assume is nothing new to both Trinidad and Tobago, but why? Why haven't they been dealt with?

Ancil Dennis, THA chief secretary, is talking the talk very well, let's hope he walks it.

Tourists come for the unspoilt uniqueness of Tobago. Let's give them that.




"Tobago losing clean,green, serene scene"

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